Settore disciplinare:  Engineering Economics, Corporate Finance, Capital Budgeting
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Engineering Project Analysis and Investment Decision-Making under Uncertainty

The present research investigates innovative tools for the economic valuation of industrial, engineering, and financial investments and for the selection of technical alternatives, inspired by principles of economic rationality and value creation. Mingling concepts and techniques from engineering economics, mathematics, finance, and accounting, the current research introduces, among other results, i) the development of new theoretical and applicative evaluation models for investment projects under uncertainty, ii) the definition of new rational criteria and the implementation of new tools for value-creating investment decisions, iii) the application of the innovative logical framework introduced in Magni (2020) connecting operating estimates and financial decisions, iv) new applications of sensitivity analysis for detecting the most influential economic and/or technical risk factors for the investment success, and v) refined tools for ex-post performance measurement considering the interactions among value drivers.


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