The interest in the representation of work starts from Short on Work, an international competition for short videos on contemporary work, which was conceived in 2012 by the Marco Biagi Foundation as part of the Doctoral Course in “Work, Development and Innovation”.            
The different editions of the competition have fed an international audiovisual archive, which is rich in heterogeneous representations of the contemporary work. Moving from a Visual Studies perspective, these representations are at the core of this research area.            

In this perspective, the main topics are:

•  Audiovisual representations as an object of research on contemporary work, specifically on some important themes such as the relationship between work and gender, the relationship between work and migration, the relationship between work and skills.

•  Audiovisual representations as a research tool on contemporary work, which are extremely relevant both for the density they bring to field research and because they constitute a significant interpretative framework of reality within the contemporary society of the image.

•  The heuristic and epistemological potentials connected to video-research.

•  The methods of organizing and enhancing audiovisual archives as part of the cultural heritage.

•  Digital infrastructures as a tool of multifaceted use of audiovisual contents, according to a framework of Digital Humanities.


Prof. Tommaso Fabbri

Research Team

prof. Tommaso Fabbri (Organizzazione e gestione delle risorse umane), prof. Nicola Dusi (Comunicazione ed Economia), prof.ssa Tindara Addabbo (Economia del lavoro e valutazione delle politiche pubbliche), prof.ssa Chiara Strozzi (Economia politica), dott.ssa Giulia Piscitelli (post -doc Economia), dott.ssa Antonella Capalbi (post -doc Economia), dott.ssa Eleonora Costantini (post -doc Economia), dott. Filippo Damiani (post -doc Economia del lavoro), dott.ssa Maria Doina Mareggini (Dottoranda in Lavoro, Sviluppo e Innovazione).