The Research Area aims to integrate the activities of the Ph.D. program in Employment, Development, and Innovation with those of the Certification Commission established at the Marco Biagi Foundation, promoting theoretical and applied research in the various and multiple topics connected to the institution of contract certification pursuant to Art. 75 ff. Legislative Decree 276/2003.

The certification of contracts is an innovative instrument of legal certainty and corporate social responsibility introduced into the Italian legal system by the Biagi Reform, which potential remains to date only partially deployed. Intending to stimulate reflection on the institution, the Research Area promotes the realization of theoretical studies that address the rationale and functions of the certification ex-art. 75 ff. Legislative Decree 276/2003, as well as the various elements of its legal construction shaped by the Legislator and living law.

Within the framework of the university third mission, the Commission is committed in the transfer of knowledge from the Marco Biagi Foundation and the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia to workers, enterprises, trade unions, employer associations, and local and national institutions. Consistent with this mission, the Research Area also promotes the realization of studies applied to the certification of contracts ex-art. 75 ss. D.Lgs. 276/2003, and to the research and development of further voluntary certification services with high scientific content and a high impact in terms of public engagement, aimed at improving working conditions.

•  The institution of certification pursuant to art. 75 ff. Legislative Decree 276/2003: scope, purposes, effects, and procedural profiles;
•  The subjects qualified to certify: nature, powers, and functions of the Certification Commissions;
•  The certification of employment contracts: qualifying procedure and preliminary techniques between subordination, autonomy, coordination, and hetero-organization;
•  Platform labor and certification of contracts pursuant to art. 75 ff. Legislative Decree 276/2003;
•  Sports work and certification of contracts ex-art. 75 ss. Legislative Decree 276/2003;
•  Contracts, networks, commercial contracts, and certification ex-art. 75 ss. Legislative Decree 276/2003;
•  Contracts and subcontracts in confined spaces: mandatory certification;
•  Certification pursuant to art. 75 ss. Legislative Decree 276/2003 as a tool for the qualification of economic operators on the market and in the field of health and safety at work;
•  Certification pursuant to art. 75 ss L.D. 276/2003 as a tool for the deflation of disputes: results in comparison with other instruments for the prevention and out-of-court settlement of disputes;
•  Certification pursuant to art. 75 ff L.D. 276/2003 between the non-derogation of the rule and the unavailability of the right, between subjectivism and collective autonomy;
•  Certification pursuant to art. 75 ss Lgs. Decree 276/2003, organizational models, management systems, and voluntary certification.


Francesco BasenghiAlberto Russo, Livia Di Stefano

Research Group

Francesco Basenghi (Diritto del Lavoro); Alberto Russo (Diritto del Lavoro); Livia Di Stefano (post-doc Diritto del Lavoro); Matteo Luccisano (dottorando Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione); Pierluca Baldassarre Pasqualicchio (dottorando Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione); Alessandro Pignatti (dottorando Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione).