To develop the enhancement of applicable knowledge and to provide a more complete view of the subjects as well as to have a comparison with international scholars, the Teaching Board of the PhD Course in Work, Development and Innovation participates every year in Unimore’s Visiting Professor calls, which provide for the inclusion of courses and seminars in the Course’s teaching programme.

The professors who have been part of these calls in recent years are:


Marta Otto
Cycle of seminars: Bridging human resources to human rights

•  The foundations of privacy and data protection in employment in Europe
•  People Analytics in the Age of Big Data: An Agenda for Labour Law Regulation?
•  Innovation and (Pseudo) Managerial Legitimations: The Equivocal Paths of Operational Autonomy in EU Academia
•  The Polish labour law resilience to digital reconfiguration. Lessons from the coronavirus pandemic

Tiziana Callari
Cycle of seminars: Qualitative Research Design and Analysis Techniques

•  Designing a qualitative research design project/ intervention
•  Qualitative Content Analysis
•  Thematic Analysis
•  Performing a literature review analysis using NVivo


Susan Bisom-Rapp
Cycle of seminars: The 21st Century Challenges Facing American Workplace Law

•  An introduction to the US employment and labour law system
•  US EEO law: job security, managerial practice, and the case of age and gender
•  Technology and the workplace
•  The COVID-19 crisis

Gianmarco Campagnolo
Cycle of seminars: The role of informal networks in technological innovation

•  Introduction to the study of informal networks
•  The biography of artefacts and practices framework
•  Studying networks using social media data
•  The case of independent film makers
•  The case of freelance football analysts
•  Group discussion and wrap up

Gulay Gunluk Senesen
Cycle of seminars: Identification of the impacts of the pandemic and scenarios for restructuring

•  Input-Output Modelling of Employment and Scenarios
•  Urban Wellbeing –Municipality policies with Indicators
•  Online office hours


Catherine Deffains-Crapsky
Cycle of seminars: Alternative Finance

•  An overview of alternative finance today
•  The difficulty to fund startups
•  Aims at dealing with funding sustainable entrepreneurship through crowdfunding.

Paula Rodriguez-Mondroño
Cycle of seminars: Economics and labour: analytical tools

•  Employment in the gig economy: new forms of work and working conditions
•  Gender segregation in the labour market
•  School-to-work transition regimes and youth employment programs
•  Innovation and social capital: the role of networks