3 maggio – 23 maggio 2023 • Fondazione Marco Biagi

Cycle of seminars organised as part of the PhD Course in Labour, Development and Innovation, Unimore – Marco Biagi Foundation

Visiting professor: Prof. Yelda Yucel
Assoc. Professor of Economics
Faculty of Business
Department of International Trade and Management
Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey

SEMINAR 1 – Gender, Macroeconomics and Crises
May 03, 2023 (Wednesday) 10.00-13:00 – Room 32, Marco Biagi Foundation
This seminar will include gender critique of macroeconomics and highlight some of the bias-generating patterns inherent in the economic theory (ex. Deflationary bias, Male-breadwinner bias, Commodification bias). Tools for gender-aware macroeconomics will be discussed such as investments in social care, gender budgeting and taxation. Typology of recent crises since 2008 will be discussed in this context and different channels of gender impacts of crises and a review of fiscal responses will be made.

LECTURE 1 – Gender Inequalities in the Access to the Labour Market and in Working hours
May 10, 2023 (Wednesday) 10-11:00 – Room 32, Marco Biagi Foundation
This module included in the Labour Economics course aims discuss the trends in gender gaps in wages, time use in paid and unpaid work. Structural causes of labor market inequalities such as gender division of labor, macroeconomic growth patterns, institutions and policies will be introduced. Particularly, factors that determine the labor force participation decision for women will be discussed (ex. Segmentation in work hours, sectors, professions; biases of motherhood penalty and fatherhood premium, opportunity cost of working and government policies (taxes, WL balance policies, active labor market policies, labor market regulations).

LECTURE 2 Gender, Trade and Decent Work
May 10, 2023 (Wednesday) 11-12:00 and 14-16.00 – Room 32, Marco Biagi Foundation
This module included in the Labour Economics course aims to introduce and discuss the following topics and themes: Inclusive trade and decent work are two broad agendas, but researchers focus less on the intersection of the two despite their overlapping goals and objectives. This lecture will introduce the concept and diverse approaches to decent work. Trade and gender relationship will be discussed with special attention to employment channels of trade, decent work and employee well-being. Empirical research will be presented including the research going on in Istanbul Bilgi University supported by the BILGI Research Fund and the WTO Chairs Programme on Trade policy and WTO related matters.

SEMINAR 2 –  Well-Being, Human rights and Human Rights Cities in Turkey
May 16, 2023 (Tuesday) 9.30-12.30 – Open Space, Marco Biagi Foundation
Human rights space is complex and multidimensional, and a systematic approach is required to assess the impact of HRC practices on the fulfillment and exercise of citizens’ rights. This seminar will introduce gender-aware measurements of well-being and different approaches to human rights measurements. At the intersection of well-being and human rights, human rights cities project in Turkey, which adopted capabilities approach will be presented. The project was initiated by Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) Research Worldwide Istanbul and the Union of Turkish World Municipalities, in which seven Turkish municipalities collaborated between 2018 and 2020.

WORKSHOPGender Sensitivity of Policy Tools through Human Rights and Well-Being
May 23, 2023 (Tuesday) 10.00-12.00 – Open Space, Marco Biagi Foundation
The session involves a workshop on gender sensitivity of the fiscal stimulus packages introduced in different countries during COVID 19 pandemic from well-being gender budgeting and human rights budgeting frameworks. Participant will gather in groups. They are expected to evaluate different country’s economic measures against the pandemic and introduce their proposals.

All the seminars will be held in english.

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Cycle of meetings: Engendering economics and public policies: Well-being and rights-based approaches