4 ottobre – 20 ottobre 2022 • Fondazione Marco Biagi

Cycle of seminars organised as part of the PhD Course in Labour, Development and Innovation, Unimore – Marco Biagi Foundation

Visiting professor: Prof. Marta Otto
Assistant Professor,
Department of Labour Law,
University of Lodz, Poland

SEMINAR 1 – The foundations of privacy and data protection in employment in Europe
October 04, 2022 at 9-13:00 – Room 32, Marco Biagi Foundation
The seminar will be held in presence and in streaming Click here for the link
The seminar provides an introduction to increasingly complex body of privacy and data protection law in labour and employment relations. It aims to explore basic human rights principles, instruments and institutions, as well as the ways in which the allegations of privacy and data protection rights violations in employment (including dataveillance in the workplace) are dealt with in the European courts (ECtHR, CJEU).

SEMINAR 2 – People Analytics in the Age of Big Data: An Agenda for Labour Law Regulation?
October 10, 2022 at 9-12:00 – Open Space, Marco Biagi Foundation
The seminar will be devoted to mapping out some of the main human rights’ concerns and practical challenges for the deployment of algorithms/AI in the employment context in order to invite a nuanced and critical examination of the need of refinement and particularization of the basic assumptions underlying the current regulatory framework in the EU- in particular, the General Data Protection Regulation(Regulation (EU) 2016/679), which as the first legal act of general applicability within the EU, introduces legal definition of profiling and provides for the general standards and safeguards directed at mitigating some of the human rights risks associated with it.

SEMINAR 3 – Innovation and (Pseudo) Managerial Legitimations: The Equivocal Paths of Operational Autonomy in EU Academia
October 17, 2022 at 9-12:00 – Open Space, Marco Biagi Foundation
The changing environment of the European higher education increasingly forces academic institutions to redefine their organisational culture from more collegiate to more managerial . The seminar will revolve around searching for answers to the following question: to what extent the new tendency  is capable of  leading to an eventual change in the overall organisational culture of the academic institutions in Europe, and the operational autonomy paradigm produced in its midst. What could be the regulatory responses to such tendencies under labour law?.

SEMINAR 4 – The Polish labour law resilience to digital reconfiguration. Lessons from the coronavirus pandemic
October 20, 2022 at 9-12:00 – Room 32, Marco Biagi Foundation
The coronavirus outbreak has undoubtedly affected people all over the world, forcing rapid experimentation in the realm of work on a massive scale. The digital new order, a dystopic vision of the future in which technology plays a gigantic role and is to be the main means of solving the problems caused by the crisis is taking shape before our eyes also in Poland.
The seminar will use the still rather pristine/disconnected regulatory landscape in Poland, as a ‘laboratory’ for brewing up the experimental components of sustainable/inclusive regulatory infrastructure that, in theory at least, will be capable of keeping pace with the accelerated digital revolution and the accompanying human rights threats.

All the seminars will be held in english.

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