The research area deals with the dematerialisation and automation of production equipment and processes and on its effects on the employment relationship.

The ways of organizing individual and team work are increasingly detached from the usual space-time coordinates and consolidated hierarchical relationships. These changes cross-cut the employment relationship in both management and contractual spheres, posing unprecedented problems of normative compliance and self-regulation (unilateral or consensual, at an individual and / or collective level) in the areas of job design, performance evaluation and protection of working conditions.

Among the research topics specifically related to the area, we mention by way of example:

• Performance management.

• Data-driven (HR) management.

• People Analytics.

• Time and place of work.

• Remote, agile and smart work.

• Classification of the employment relationship and models of protection in the “gray zone” between subordination and autonomy.

• Collective bargaining and workers’ participation as tools for the protection and self-regulation of employment relationships in the context of organizational transformations.


Prof. Tommaso Fabbri, Dr. Iacopo Senatori

Working group

prof. Tommaso Fabbri (Business and HR Organization), prof.ssa Ylenia Curzi (Business and HR Organization), dott. Iacopo Senatori (Labour Law), prof.ssa Tindara Addabbo (Labour Economics), prof. Gianluca Marchi (Marketing and Innovation), prof. Alberto Levi (Labour Law), prof. Edoardo Ales (Labour Law),  dott.ssa Ilaria Purificato (Labour Law).

External Faculty

Prof. Rüdiger Krause (Univ. Goettingen) Prof. Marta Otto (Univ. Lodz), Prof. Ralf Rogowski (Univ. Warwick), Prof. Manfred Weiss (Univ. Francoforte)