The research projects for this area are focused on valuation models for investment and financing, analysis of products and innovative processes in sustainable finance, and development of decision support systems for industrial applications. In particular, we design systems of financial modeling and financial reporting and analyze costs and benefits of engineering and industrial decisions and, more generally, of management decisions creating value in terms of economic benefits, social impact, and ecological sustainability. We identify the value drivers and measure their impact on the value and study the various types of risk (operating risk, financial risk, sustainability risk, etc.). We develop decision-making criteria (ex ante perspective) and measures of investment performance (ex post perspective). We study innovative ways of fulfilling companies’ financial needs. Furthermore, we develop mathematical models and quantitative methods that enable maximizing a given objective function subject to several constraints triggered by the application under consideration.

 In this respect, major topics of interest are:

•  design of financial modeling and reporting for engineering and industrial projects and, in general, for managerial decisions
•  analysis of the overall sustainability of a project/decision: economic, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and SDG (Social Development Goals)
•  models and metrics for assessing the economic value created, the social value, and the social impact of innovation and investments
•  analysis of the sources of uncertainty, determination of the value drivers, and measurement of the impact on value creation
•  ex post auditing, variance analysis, determination of causal effects of deviations
•  robustness analysis and internal consistency checks of financial models
•  development of appraisal methods and decision criteria (relative approach and absolute approach)
•  financial innovation and  financial schemes for covering companies’ complex financial needs
•  digital trasformation, financial platforms and banking ecosystems (business models of banking groups)
•  sustainable finance: ESG investing, ESG lending
•   development of mathematical methods for industry
•  development of optimization methods and operations research
•  quantitative analysis and implementation of decision support systems


Prof. Andrea Landiprof. Carlo Alberto Magni and prof.ssa Costanza Torricelli

Research Team

Prof. Andrea Landi (Economia degli intermediari finanziari), Prof. Carlo Alberto Magni (Metodi matematici dell’economia e delle scienze attuariali e finanziarie), Prof.ssa Costanza Torricelli (Metodi matematici dell’economia e delle scienze attuariali e finanziarie), Prof. Manuel Iori (Ricerca Operativa), Prof. Stefano Cosma (Economia degli intermediari finanziari); Ing. Davide Baschieri (dottore di ricerca LSI e GRAF Sinergies Spa), Dott. Andrea Marchioni (Post-doc Metodi matematici dell’economia e Ricercatore Università della Tuscia), Dott.ssa Daniela Pennetta (post doc Economia degli intermediari finanziari), Dott.ssa Beatrice Bertelli (dottoranda Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione), Ing. Giulia Caselli (dottoranda Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione), Ing. Giomaria Columbu (dottorando Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione e IREN), Ing. Andrea Chiussi (dottorando Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione e IREN), Ing. Mirko Mucciarini (dottoranda Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione), Ing. Dario Vezzali (dottoranda Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione), Ing. Giorgio Zucchi (dottoranda Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione e CoopService)