Gender equality, its measurement, policies and their evaluation are the focus of this interdisciplinary research area within which analyses are developed on:

• Determinants of gender inequalities in educational pathways and skill acquisition (gender gaps in different cognitive areas with a focus on the STEM area and the effects on participation in the digital economy).

• Determinants of gender inequalities in terms of work (paid and unpaid domestic and care work) and distribution of resources

• Economic (employment and wage) discrimination: theories, determinants, measurement and anti-discrimination policies

• Regulatory instruments for the protection agains gender discrimination and the construction of inclusive workplaces.

• Public policy impact assessment and gender reporting (gender budgeting, gender-sensitive performance cycle, strategic planning, gender equality plans). Comparative analysis of gender budgeting methodologies at the international level with a focus on a budgeting perspective that aims to incorporate gender mainstreaming principles into the budget decision-making process. Particular attention in this area is devoted to the impact assessment of public policies activated by the NRRP considering the cross-cutting priority nature of gender equality.

• Measuring gender equity and diversity in organisations.

• LGBTQI+ economic discrimination: pre-labour market discrimination, Discrimination in the access to employment, in career trajectories, and wage gaps.

• Policies and practices for LGBTQI+ inclusive organizations.


Prof.ssa Tindara Addabbo, Prof.ssa Claudia Canali

Research Team:

Prof. Massimo Baldini (Politica Economica), Prof.ssa Susan Bisom-Rapp (Diritto del lavoro), Dott.ssa Eleonora Costantini (pos-doc Economia), Prof. Andrea Giuntini (Storia economia e del lavoro), Prof.ssa Ulpiana Kocollari (Economia Aziendale), Dott.ssa Sara Giovanna Mauro (Economia Aziendale), Prof.ssa Barbara Pistoresi (Economia e valutazione delle politiche pubbliche), Prof. Alberto Rinaldi (Storia economica e del lavoro), Prof.ssa Paula Rodriguez-Modroño (Economia del lavoro, Feminist Economics), Dott.ssa Elena Sarti (post-doc Economia), Dott. Iacopo Senatori (Diritto del lavoro), Prof.ssa Anzelika Zaiceva (Politica economica), Dott.ssa Carlotta Barra (dottoranda Lavoro, Sviluppo e Innovazione), Dott. Filippo Damiani (assegnista di ricerca), Dott. Francesco Faenza (dottorando in Lavoro, Sviluppo e Innovazione), Dott.ssa Federica Palmirotta (dottoranda Lavoro Sviluppo e Innovazione), Dott.ssa Erica Poma (dottoranda Lavoro, Sviluppo e Innovazione), Dott.ssa Chiara Tasselli (dottoranda in Lavoro, Sviluppo e Innovazione).