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Impact of the late 2000s financial crisis on rates of discharge for psychiatric disorders in Italy

Background A large amount of evidence produced in the last years pointed out a general detrimental effect of economic crises on health when austerity measures are implemented, namely when the budget destined to welfare and social protection is cut. Purpose To analyze the impact of the late 2000s financial crisis on mental health proxied by rates of discharge for psychiatric disorders in Italy, and the role played by social protection as buffering mechanism against the potential negative mental health outcomes of the economic downturn. Methods Fixed effects panel regressions were used to assess the association between macroeconomic indicators (unemployment and long-term unemployment rates, gross domestic product) and rates of discharge for psychiatric disorders in Italy in years 2005-2017. Additional models investigated the role of social protection as possible moderator of the association. Analyses were stratified by gender and region. Results The panel dataset is made up of 260 observations (13 years x 20 Italian regions). Different results stemmed out from the provisional analysis with respect to gender, with the male population being more hit by the economic downturn than the female one. From a descriptive standpoint, the majority of the psychiatric diagnosis showed a decline in the period of time of the study, slowed down after the onset of the economic downturn, with the exception of substance use disorders, that were featured by a steady increase. (The regression analysis is still ongoing).


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